Financial Exclusion

Finance is an important topic to be interpreted in all its dimensions. It could be interpreted as personal finance or the subject of finance. Personal finances in terms of income and savings are important throughout your life for everyday living and planning. Furthermore, the subject of finance is important to understand progress. Everyone can learn […]

CapEx vs Operating Expenses

Operating expenses are the day to day expenses necessary to maintain the property. Operating expenses are deducted at the time when they occur. Capital expenses  are improvement or expenses that will extend the useful life of the property. Capital expenses are for example improvement deducted over the expected life of the improvement.  CapEx can have […]

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate Investing  Advantages: Most commercial properties are rented with a NNN triple net lease and the tenant is responsible for all expenses. Commercial has also the great advantage that requires much less  maintenance from the owner, most commercial retail large buildings are NNN but even if you own a small office, this one […]

Hard Money

Hard Money Loans: When you hear the words “hard money loans” (or “private money loans”), what’s the main thing that experiences your brain? If you think about “loan sharks” who deal with vague terms , those are mostly illegal. Some bad ones discolored the hard money loaning industry in earlier years when a few ruthless […]

Why invest in Real Estate

Why invest in real estate Investing is one of the most important things to become financially independent or build assets. You can invest in multiple financial instruments, but today we are focusing on real estate, and we will help you decide if real estate investing is for you or not. Benefits of Real Estate Investing […]

Invest Early in Life

Invest Early Everyone has a common dream, to earn sufficient money to fund your lifestyle. You can earn money by working for it, but have you ever thought about putting the money you earned to work for you and, in return, earn money from it? Doing exactly this can turn you into society’s elite status, […]

Absorption Rate

Absorption Rate in Residential RE Housing Inventory and month supply. Realtors can easily access the MLS and find the absorbtion rate. The absorption rate is calculated by dividing the number of homes that sold over the given period of time ( usually a month) by the total number of homes for sale on the market. For example […]


PV ( Present Value)  Assuming that money now is better than money later we have to be able to quantify somehow this notion. Present Value PV:  Assuming that $1,000  tomorrow will have more value to you than $1000 in 5 years we need to find a way to compute what the actual value of $1,000 […]

ARV MAO 1% Rule?

Many beginners in real estate investment go to meeting or some sort of informal training. There always a couple of terms that come to surfice ARV ( After Repair Value ) ARV is the value of the selected property assuming it is all fixed up. Luckily you or your realtor will know how to do […]